Monday, September 18, 2006

Fr. Franklyn W. Becker privilege log

In the course of the recently settled California cases, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee refused to produce various documents regarding Fr. Franklyn W. Becker. It objected based on the ground of legal privileges against disclosure. When a litigant does so, the law of the jurisdiction often requires it to list and describe the documents it believes it is not required to disclose. In the case involving Fr. Becker, here's that privilege log [12 pp. pdf].


Blogger Dad29 said...


Interesting to see Fr. Trepanier in the pile.

He was (VERY briefly) at St Dominic's before a long journey through other "assignments," (like pumping gas at a place in Oconomowoc according to rumor.)

Then BACK to St Dominic's---and out again.

2:31 PM  

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