Sunday, September 17, 2006

Elmbrook jubilee inspires elaborate Web site

Tom Heinen reports in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that
Elmbrook Church, one of the region's first megachurches, is launching a year's celebration of its 50th anniversary with jubilee events and a cutting-edge Web site that could be a national model for linking people to ministries and faith messages.

You can judge for yourself.
In the next few weeks, there will be another alternative to Web site menus. Fill out a profile, and the site will alert you to new and existing Elmbrook programs or events that fit your age, gender, marital status, interests and other factors.

"Once you register and set up a profile, you will be able to go in and get ministry information pushed to you rather than having to go and dig it out yourself," said Senior Associate Pastor Dick Robinson, who expects to add hundreds more Web pages.

E-vangelization, so to speak. For comparison, here's the web site of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

The story defines a "mega-church" as one with over 2,000 people attending at Sunday worship. By that criteria, my parish qualifies. Since I last posted about it, St. Al's has actually updated the parish web site content.

Update: A reader emails to suggest my parish as a late entry in Joseph Bottum's

quest for the definitive American Catholic churches--those buildings that aren’t even distinguished enough to be bad examples of their kind. They’re just vaguely modern, vaguely brick, vaguely disappointing.

Our Sunday Mass is vaguely like that described in the Christian Formation text I use, if that gets any bonus points.


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