Monday, March 6, 2006

Priest asked to quiet opposition to anti-sex-abuse program

Pamela Miller in the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Archbishop Harry Flynn Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis has ordered that Father Robert Altier no longer publish his homilies and spiritual presentations on A Voice in the Desert or broadcast on Relevant Radio.
The Rev. Robert Altier of St. Agnes Catholic Church has condemned the children's component of the Virtus program, which is mandated for all Catholic schools and religious education programs. ...

"Father Altier is an honored priest, and has not committed any improprieties," archdiocese spokesman Dennis McGrath said. He said Flynn will not discuss the issue publicly because it is a "personnel matter, but I surmise that Father Altier's contrarian position on Virtus is the issue."

Here are my earlier posts on attending Virtus training and on contrasting Virtus myth and Jay Study fact. And here's the archived Fr. Altier site.

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Blogger WICatholic said...

Thank you! I referred my readers back to your earlier posts and to this one. I could not get blogger to do anything for the past two hours! Glad I could now, before leaving for work!

God bless!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So lets all of us continue to gather and pray, for prayer is truly needed all around the world. Without prayer, there cannot be peace or conversion and lets encourage others to prayer groups so more come to know Jesus in a deeper way. Pray the Rosary and meditate on the mysteries each new day. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for souls, for many, many are suffering due to lack of prayer.

Here is a linkable archive list to Fr. Altier’s Homilies2006 Homilies by Father Robert Altier
2005 Homilies by Father Robert Altier
2004 Homilies by Father Robert Altier
2003 Homilies by Father Robert Altier
2002 Homilies by Father Robert Altier
2001 Homilies by Father Robert Altier

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