Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Listening to Christ's Heartbeat

This column by Fr. Ron Rolheiser appeared in the March 2, 2006 issue of our Catholic Herald. It's his first First in a six-part Lenten Series on "Mystical Images." This first image is from the Last Supper, when John reclines on the breast of Jesus. Our Herald subtitles the column "You are the 'one whom Jesus loves'".
The image works this way: We are to put our heads on Christ's breast, feel that intimacy, hear his heartbeat, be filled with the comfort of that, and then let the energy and strength we feel there flow out, through us, into the world. And that is meant to fill us with the vision and sustenance we need to live as we should.

It's all summed up in the Love Theme from the Da Vinci Code.


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