Tuesday, March 7, 2006

iPray offers young adults options for spiritual growth

Sam Lucero reports in our Catholic Herald
It's the latest craze in young adult ministry since Theology on Tap, and ministry leaders in the Milwaukee Archdiocese are hoping adults ages 18 to 35 will plug in to iPray.

The latest craze? Sounds like they're targeting Catholic hep cats.
... iPray seeks to offer young adults a chance to experience several forms of prayer - all in a non-threatening and relaxed atmosphere.

If you see reports of parishes offering prayer in a tense and threatening atmosphere, let me know. I might just try that.

The Archdiocesan Office of Young Adult Ministry was looking for a new way to present a series of different kinds of prayer.

She [Laurie Kish, the Office's director] picked up a copy of MacWorld magazine which had an Apple iPod on the cover. "I was looking at the article about iPods and that's when the idea for iPray clicked," she said. "It obviously speaks to this generation."

At this point, you expect the series of prayer experiences will be downloadable to iPods. Or at least have some connection to iPods besides that letter "i". But no. The series is
- February 10, 2006: Taize Prayer
- March 10, 2006: Stations of the Cross
- April 7, 2006: Practicing for the Triduum
- May 12, 2006: Eucharistic Adoration
- June 9, 2006: Walking the Labyrinth

at parishes around town.

You might wonder why Walking the Labyrinth instead of, say, Praying the Rosary. The labyrinth was a latest craze a few crazes back. Maybe the Office of Young Adult Ministry believes our young people, doing the Twist to Chubby Checker on their iPods, would think the rosary squaresville.

P.S. You can download to your iPod from EWTN.

Update: Here's a new potential Mother Angelica downloader.

Update 2: Francis Cardinal Arinze Podcast


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