Wednesday, March 15, 2006

April 8 - CTA Wisconsin Annual Meeting

Mike noted this meeting on the CTA web site
Bishop Tom Gumbleton on Vatican and gay seminarians/priests. State Rep. Fred Kessler on gay partners and state law. Cathedral of St. John, Milwaukee.

and noted that it was also listed on the Action Wisconsin site
4/8 Call to Action, "Challenges to our human rights" 9am-noon
Atrium of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, 802 N. Jackson St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Bishop Thomas Gumbleton responds to the Vatican’s recent "instruction" on homosexuals in the seminary and priesthood. Following him, State Representative Fred Kessler will address the related issue of the proposed constitutional ban on civil unions and marriage. Suggested donation $10.

It seemed quite out of place for such a meeting to take place at a parish, let alone the cathedral parish, given the Wisconsin bishops' support for the state defense of marriage amendment.

Someone else may have noted it as well. I've just received word that the meeting has been moved to All Saints Church. Not sure how that helps, except maybe in reducing the odds that the Archdiocese will have to deal with press coverage.

It happens that All Saints is a designated recipient of our outreach donations this coming Sunday at St. Al's. Interesting to see how one of our few remaining inner city parishes actually sees its mission.

Update: The March 18, 2006 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an article by Tom Heinen, Dolan booted event from cathedral, couple say.

Lois Ahlhauser, a past president of Call to Action Wisconsin and her husband, John, said they had arranged with Father Carl Last, rector of the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, for their group to hold its annual meeting from 9 a.m. to noon April 8 ...

Mike "called his shot" on Father Last's involvement.
The Ahlhausers said that on March 6, after publicity for the meeting went out, Last told them that [Archbishop Timothy] Dolan had informed him that the event could not be held in the cathedral, which serves as the archbishop's parish, because Call to Action is a dissident group.

You might think that an Archbishop's has the authority and duty make sure that the views of dissident groups are not impliedly represented as orthodox and that this would extend not just within the walls of his cathedral but throughout his diocese. As we've learned, however,
The Ahlhausers then found a parish willing to provide space for the event, All Saints Church ...

The Ahlhausers said that as far as they know, Dolan has not banned the group from meeting on church property ...

Dissident groups may not meet on church grounds if the pastor objects; a good rule for a congregational church.

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