Sunday, February 8, 2004

Tony Kushner

Nobody’s repeated it. But what it [Angels in America] did was shake up the nature of storytelling, I think, for a lot of younger writers. It has encouraged them to be more free, or wild, in their storytelling, and to not stick to one tone, or one voice. --John Lahr, The Big Talker: interview by Ben Greenman, New Yorker, January 3, 2005

For humor, he has Laura Bush using the word "Weltanschauung," then saying, "pardon my French." He may want to punch up the funny, as they say in those Broadway diners that don't exist anymore. --James Wolcott, Hark! A Mighty Hiccup Is about to Be Heard, September 4, 2004

Welcome to Kushnerworld -- Pulitzer Prize-winning "Angels in America" Kushnerworld -- where heterosexuals are repressed homosexuals trapped in loveless relationships, gays are generally noble and capable of spiritual enlightenment, religion is soul-suffocating bunkum, and Republicans occupy a moral plane similar to that of the Nazis. --Alex Beam, Trashing the first lady at the ART, Boston Globe, February 3, 2004, review of Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall be Unhappy, by Tony Kushner

If there’s any point to the exhaustive repulsiveness of the British half of the dramatis personae, it would seem to be that Kushner is inverting the perspective of traditional Imperial drama: the English are the primitive exotics, the Afghans are cultured, educated, artistic, urbane, articulate, poets, and librarians, masters of all the virtues the metropolitan power once claimed for itself. --Mark Steyn, Goin’ to Afghanistan, New Criterion, February 2002, review of Homebody/Kabul, by Tony Kushner


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