Sunday, May 26, 2002

The Case of Archbishop Weakland

Father Ken at St. Mark the Evangelist Church, Kenosha, Wisconsin, May 26, 2002
How can we reconcile all of the allegations with our faith? As one reporter asked me, “How does a Catholic deal with these allegations?” I told him what I believe. The Church is holy not because of the holiness of the priest, the Archbishop, or even the Pope. The Church is holy because of Jesus, its founder, who laid down His life for the salvation of all. Our holiness was purchased at a great price: His life. Our task is to grow in that holiness. Sadness comes upon us all when we “miss the mark” of personal holiness. That is why we all have the need (and obligation) to confess our sinfulness. Only through repentance can we grow in holiness. That is true of all of us: priests, lay, bishops, and pope. My answer is that we stay the course of holiness in our personal lives. We are to model ourselves after Jesus who forgave those who offended the Law. I can’t get the words of Jesus on the Cross out of my mind whenever I come upon wrongdoing by others: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” I’m happy He says that to me! I pray I can do that to others.


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