Thursday, June 1, 2000

June 2000

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Kenosha parish shares riches

Parish council decides to give $100,000 to fledgling St. Anne

by Penney Haney, Catholic Herald, Milwaukee, June 8, 2000

St. Mary parish had invested about $200,000 which grew to over $1 million. Its parish council, after 18 months of "discussions and discernment," voted unanimously to give $100,000 to the new St. Anne parish in Pleasant Prairie. Some St. Mary parishioners objected to giving the money when parish budgets were being cut even though it had over $1 million in reserves.

But he [Fr. Howard Haase, St. Mary's pastor] maintains that "there's a difference between our reserve and our operating budget."

There surely is. What is not explained, however, is why it is appropriate to make gifts from reserves rather than from the budget.