Saturday, October 31, 1998

Iraq Liberation Act of 1998

Public Law 105-338 October 31, 1998

Thursday, October 1, 1998

October 1998

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Dr. Edward Mahoney, of Duke University.


1998-10-21 Mundelein, Illinois


Michael Novak, "John Paul II and Social Justice."

Avery Dulles, S.J., "John Paul II and Evangelization."

Jean-Marie Cardinal Lustiger, Archbishop of Paris, "Twenty Years of John Paul II's Pontificate" (keynote address)

all at the John Paul II Symposium.



How does one recognize liberally educated people?

1. They listen and they hear. ...

2. They read and they understand. ...

3. They can talk with anyone. ...

4. They can write clearly and persuasively and movingly. ...

5. They can solve a wide variety of puzzles and problems. ...

6. They respect rigor not so much for its own sake but as a way of seeking truth. ...

7. They practice humility, tolerance, and self-criticism. ...

8. They understand how to get things done in the world. ...

9. They nurture and empower the people around them. ...

10. They follow E. M. Forster's injunction from Howard's End: "Only connect..." More than anything else, being an educated person means being able to see connections that allow one to make sense of the world and act within it in creative ways.

--William Cronon, "'Only Connect...': The Goals of Liberal Education," The American Scholar, Autumn 1998, pp.76-78