Monday, September 1, 1997

September 1997

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Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland, O.S.B., Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, spoke on "The Implementation of Vatican Council II: Where Are We?" at a breakfast presented by The Peter Favre Forum at The University Club.

He asked who wouldn't favor abrogating doctrines like the Immaculate Conception or Assumption in the interest of Christian unity. It was a rhetorical question not a request for a show of hands. He received a standing ovation; I was at a table at the back so could stay seated without notice.



Pastor rips "Jonestown" type plan:
Archdiocese wants Catholics to accept mergers without question, he says

by Joel Dresang and Don Behm, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sunday, September 14, 1997

The Archdiocesan planning commission has recommended, among parish mergers and closings, the merger of St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Mary parishes in Kenosha. Fr. Thomas A. Lemieux of St. Thomas Aquinas gave a homily yesterday evening on the planning process.

"I call this the Pied Piper approach, the Jonestown technique to accomplish organizational change," Lemieux told his congregation, referring to the 1977 death of more than 900 people who were directed by the Rev. Jim Jones to drink cyanide laced punch.

"Rally people together who have been programmed into a set of beliefs and style of organization," Lemieux said. "Have them drink deeply of the secretly poisoned Kool Aid (as represented in these recommendations); give them a stiff warning about how change is difficult to endure and how Jesus' gospel is all about change; play some music and say 'Now people gently lie down and die.'"