Tuesday, July 1, 1997

July 1997

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Very Rev. Andrew L. Nelson, Rector of Saint Francis Seminary, spoke on "Business Ethics: Roman Catholic Approaches," at a breakfast presented by the Peter Favre Forum.




It is one of the probably fundamental remaining differences between extremes of the Right and those of the Left. Hatred moves the former; fear the latter.

It was not always thus. One hundred and fifty or two hundred years ago, the old "Right," authoritarian kingdoms and dukedoms, the conservatives and the aristocracies and their police, were fearful of the ideas of the French revolution, of their attractions, and of their potential representatives.


With all consideration due to the inevitable limitations of the many telling, and often aphoristic, definitions of the "gentleman"--limitations of that ideal that inevitably connected it to the "gentle" birth or class--we may add that one of the characteristics of the ideal gentleman was the respectable, or indeed admirable, combination of a character embodying little or no hatred together with little or no fear.

--John Lukacs, "Fear and Hatred," The American Scholar, Summer 1997, pp. 438, 441