Thursday, January 4, 1996

Milwaukee Prelate Reaches the Top And Keeps Reaching

James R. Oestreich reported in The New York Times, January 4, 1996 on Archbishop Rembert Weakland's return to school.
So why is he returning to Columbia University to resume work on an unfinished doctoral dissertation in music?

I'm mostly Irish, and I'm full of guilt," he said recently at his residence in Milwaukee, the Brothers House on the campus of St. Francis Seminary near Lake Michigan. "Columbia University gave me $3,000 in 1956 to do the research on Ambrosian chant. I got all the manuscripts indexed and worked down through the music. And I did a fair amount of writing, which I've continued to work at intermittently since then."

Since, that is, the press of teaching and administrative duties intervened.

Monday, January 1, 1996

January 1996

This is a placeholder post linking to this month's entries in the pre-Blogger format.

1996-01-12 Galena, Illinois

Tree Houses on Lost Ridge, rentals south of Galena on U.S. 20. Ours was a little octagonal house, raised up on a concrete pedestal, with floor to ceiling windows all the way around. We called it "The Old Jetson Place" because it looked like a minature version of their apartment house of the future. Incongruously, perhaps, the owners decorated the interior in a Southwest motif.