Thursday, November 24, 1988

Paris, November 24th to December 1st

Flight from O'Hare delayed while they check an engine. Gate area next to one for a flight to Quebec, so many francophones. First ride on a Boeing 767. Since it only has two engines, glad they're both working.

Cab ride through small Roman arch with traffic lights mounted on it. Sublet the apartment of an expatriate Cuban artist on Rue St. Martin. The local representative of the rental agency was cooking Thanksgiving dinner for his Parisian friends, and had asked that he bring the only ingredient unavailable locally: cranberry sauce.

Rode the Metro. "Trapped" in a station.

Went through the Pompidou Center, which was a block away.

Concert at St. Merry down the street including Bernstein's tune for Lifey.

Went through Gard D'Orsay. Louvre was on strike. Gendarmes cops, but also were paramilitary foot patrols with assault rifles. Express highway on the Seine.

Saw Ste. Chappel, which was like being inside a kaleidoscope. The shared law building included what appeared to be French lawyers in some fevered discussion in a hallway even though it was a Saturday afternoon. The French need to learn to relax.

Mass at Notre Dame.

French street vendor pizza bread is more of an open-faced ham and cheese sandwich. Brasseries good eating. Neighborhood restaurants, consult your guidebook, if you want beef you can chew. French fries okay.

Rodin Museum.

Sacre Couer, the Lapin Agile, closed, and an open wine bar in Montmarte.

TGV so smooth you can't tell it's so fast. Dijon, home of Grey Poupon, really. Some medieval remnants. Farmers market, with goats, hanging whole, baskets of bunnies, some skinned. Back to Paris.

Most expensive lunch ever, at the Jules Verne Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower.